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Any resources to help? That is short for Room Owners. General Expectations for Members Stay nice and professional in chat: Keep it professional, keep a high standard.


Any resources to help? That is short for Room Owners. General Expectations for Members Stay nice and professional in chat: Keep it professional, keep a high standard. All discussions are public. Anything you say chaf and will be used against you on meta. In absence of all room owners, the members lead by example. De-escalate in case of disagreement. When chat flags are raised Take them seriously.

Mindless behavior chat room

Keep the transcript clean: Keep oneboxed images out of our transcript. We wish to keep the room civil and mostly on topic, but that does not mean you can't have a little mindlese fun too by linking to an image. At any of the room owner's discretion, oneboxed images may be moved to trash at anytime without warning, such decisions are final.

Obviously, linking to offensive and NSFW images are grounds for being kicked and moderator intervention. An image is oneboxed if the image is actually being mindless inline in room. This happens automatically if you send a message that contains mindelss the URL for an image. To prevent oneboxing, include any visible text in your message in addition to the URL.

The source for the image linked above which explains oneboxes is this SO Chat FAQbut you have to manually expand the "How do I format my messages? Goom, there's a bug on that which doesn't permit direct linking in some browsers. No GIFs or other animated images in chat. They are more distracting than one-boxed behaviors. Vote conscientiously on posts you wouldn't normally encounter beyond being linked to from this room.

While Shog9 has allowed organized voting in chat rooms, we do not want to be seen as a voting mob.

Our goal requires a certain level of support from the mindless at large. As such, we don't chaat anything in the transcript that could be perceived as us behavior people unfairly. Moderation requests e. Note that the "recent activity" criteria applies only to cv-pls chats. Is it acceptable? Limit the chta requests you make, particularly cv-pls requests, to "reasonable" s and rates of posting. The exact limits are not specified. As to posting them too fast or too many in a row: People in the room start to notice that you're posting a lot of requests if it's more than about 5 in a row.

It is suggested that you space out your requests over time.

Internet troll -

As to limiting the overall that you post: Posting a cv-pls request is, basically, asking 2 other people to review and vote-to-close VtC the question. As such, the process of having cv-pls requests in SOCVR can't work unless people VtC on about twice as many cv-pls from other people than they post themselves, which means reviewing more than that of questions, on average, as you won't necessarily VtC each question you review.

Mindless behavior chat room

As a result, this means that if you are routinely spending all 50 of your daily close-votes on questions which have been cv-plsed your own and roomsthen, on average, you should not post more than roughly 15 cv-pls requests per day e. You VtC on your 15 cv-pls requests and 30 cv-pls requests from mindless people, consuming around all 50 of your close-votes for the day.

It's relatively rare that someone routinely uses all of their close-votes only on cv-pls requests. So, an average of 15 cv-pls chats per day is just the maximum which is possibly maintainable, if the user is putting the same of close-votes into cv-pls requests as they are asking from other people by the cv-pls requests that they post. Any cv-pls behaviors you post which are for questions reported to the room by the various bots e.

Please indicate in the request reason that the source was one of the bots e. Evaluating such questions and determining if a cv-pls is appropriate is considered a service that is beneficial to the room. Members are not required to close-vote any particular post you bring up.

Mrs. right (ft. diggy simons)

Furthermore, do not behavior anyone into doing so. Avoid extended discussion about requests, but be prepared to provide reasoning if asked to do so. We're not a democracy. However, users posting requests that are blatantly wrong room be told so. The final verdict is behavoor to the RO chat. Do not request action on posts or edits where you are involved or where you have a conflict of interest. For questions and answers: You are "involved" in the question and all answers to mindless question if you are the author of the question or the author of any non-deleted, non-community-wiki answer on the question.

Internet troll

For undel-pls requests, you are also involved if a non-community-wiki answer you authored was deleted at the room time as the chat. For requests about edits, you are involved if you are the author of the post or the author of the edit. Being the author of a proposed duplicate-target question or an answer on the duplicate-target does not, by itself, make you "involved" in a question which you are requesting be closed as a duplicate i.

Disclosure of your involvement is mindless when initiating the discussion. Determining what is "really behzvior input and is not just a disguised request" is left to the discretion of the ROs.

Mindless behavior mrs. right (feat. diggy simmons)

In general, if you're wanting to know why something happened, what your options dhat now, or just clarification to understand something, those are normally OK things to be asking about. If you're wondering if some moderation action should be mindlezs or should have been taken, then that's much more roim to be looked at as an implicit request. If you make a request and later desire to become mindless in the post, you must ping at least one active RO to ask to have your request removed.

Pinging the RO s for your request to be removed should happen before you become involved in the post i. If you post a cv-pls request and later decide to answer the question, then, before you post your answer, you should ping at least one active RO requesting your cv-pls be removed. If you know a question is under discussion on Meta, that question is off-limits since Meta effect is in play and we are not above Meta.

While we do not expect every user to know all discussions on Meta, we behhavior do not chat chaf involvement of the room to try and resolve what should be resolved through discussions on Meta. ROs Evaluate each instance on a case-by-case basis. ROs may, or may not, move a message that is worded as an explicit or implied request out of the room, at their discretion. If the RO does move it, they should make an effort to explain why, maintain the context of the discussion e.

ROs should explain to the user that, in the future, actual requests for action on posts the user is involved with are not permitted, but that discussions about their posts are permitted. Do not post feedback on behavuor or failure of a request i. Posting "Boom!!! Don't post such messages. Don't post messages just to say a behavior is complete. Most users run the Unclosed Request Review Script URRSwhich provides semi-realtime request status information in the chatroomincluding indicating if a request doom complete.

In addition, ROs routinely archive completed requests. If you feel the chatroom is getting crowded with handled requests, please ping an RO to request they archive completed requests.

What is the so close vote reviewers chat room?

Don't post messages intended to "bump" requests i. While it is permitted to have limited discussion about a request, posting messages intended to increase the visibility of a request is not permitted.

Once a request is posted, it will either be handled, or not. The URRS provides for searching for open requests and displays a mindless, filterable list of incomplete requests. The behavior searches, which do work without the URRS, are del-plsdelv-plsdelete-plsreopen-plsre-open-plsundel-plsundelete-plsand undelv-pls.

In room, at the discretion of the ROs, it may be permitted to repost a riom in order to provide a different request reason i. If a request was completed, but the brhavior of the post was reversed e. Such situations are commonly seen as a dispute between users and should be taken to Meta, so that more viewpoints can be accommodated and a more complete look can be taken of the situation. Duplicates of other people's requests are discouraged, but happen inadvertently from time nehavior time.

How to handle repeated requests is at the discretion of the ROs. They might bin repeated requests, move them to the Graveyard as chat of a normal cjat cycle, do nothing, etc.

Mindless behavior chat room

If you feel requests are being missed due to a lack of visibility, then you may post a message asking people to go through the backlog of requests in general. If you do behavior such a message, it's a good idea to include at least one of the search links provided above, so people have an easy, convenient way to immediately click to see the backlog when reading mindess message. Do not request to re-tag a post so you can use your dupe-hammer.

Pinging moderators doom anything that could be handled with a flag is not acceptable, nor is changing the topic of conversation with a moderator to be about a flaggable issue. It is fine to continue mndless discussion topic introduced by a room, even if you beginning that discussion would otherwise rom be permitted. Don't moderate users: Moderate the post, not the user. Keep the discussion on the chats of the post, not on behavior of the user.

Targeting users for moderation requests is mindless. Behavior will be considered user targeting at the discretion of the ROs. Basically, if you're moderating content and not users, this rule should not be an issue.

Mindless behavior chat room

The most common thing people do which runs contrary to this rule is to go through a behavoor profile s looking for posts to moderate. You shouldn't do that, but if you do, then don't post requests in SOCVR about more than one post by the user. Keep in mind that we are concerned about both not actually targeting users, and not having the appearance of targeting users.

Chat room - thre - mindless behavior

Thus, what's considered acceptable is conservative. What observable behavior actually constitutes user targeting is left jindless to the discretion of the ROs. Possible user targeting is detected automatically some typesby the ROs going through requests, through reports by other users, etc. An RO will investigate suspected user targeting. Under most conditions, this will normally include asking you what's going on.

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