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Everything from Jacoby Ellsbury's future with the team to possible waiver market moves to the booing of Josh Beckett was covered. Sean will be ing us shortly but feel free to send your questions in now! Sean McAdam: Hi folks, and thanks for ing the chat. Let's get to the questions, shall we?


Let's get to the questions, shall we? Jackie Sox Jr is in the mold of Carl Crawford in every aspect. There are teams that would take a lot of CC contract, Sox could Ellsbury for cheaper. He is obviously the better player. Sean McAdam: To get Ellsbury extended, the Sox will have to overpay this winter because that's how things work with Scott Boras' clients: he wants his guys to reach free agenncy, to enhance their bargaining power.

To prevent that from happening, a premium will have to be paid. And remember this, Boras has alluded to Matt Kemp's eight year, million deal with the Dodgers as the starting point. So, no, I don't see him being re-ed. Comment From matt from boston sean, what was the red sox reaction to beckett chat booed after leaving the game with an injury. Sean McAdam: Didn't talk to a lot of players about it, but Valentine addressed and said, essentially, that when fans realize today that Beckett was indeed injured, they would regret booing him.

I don't know who would have been coming back, but I'm guessting that it would have been premium prospects. Comment From Wally from Yawkey Way Is this 4 game winning streak legit or is this team pulling another fast one on us? I can't take the unrest red

Dodgers vs. red sox game ii chat

Sean McAdam: Good question, Wally. They've been getting better starting pitching during the run, so that's helped. And it's come against two good teams, so that's encouraging, too. Time will tell. The Sox have insisted that they have a good run in them; let's see if this is the start of it. Comment Cha Mike Nice article on the revamping of the bullpen again! You didn't mention Melancon in your article? Where does he stand and what have we seen from him so far?

Will Morales take a turn in the rotation with Beckett dealing with back injuries? Sean McAdam: Thanks, Mike. I thought Melancon was gaining Valentine's trust, but he's had a couple of rough outings of late and I see him more as a guy they'll spx red when they're behind -- at least for now. As for Morales, he could step in and take Beckett's spot if Beckett has to go on the DL, or he could be used to spot-start, chat against the Yankees.

Comment From matt from boston sean, let's assume the red sox have a great homestand go likewhatever. Sean McAdam: If they have a good next 10 days, I can see them stepping up their search for a starter, even if it's only a rental. Remember, it's more likely that pitchers with lots of money due them will get sox waivers, since teams will be less likely to block those guys out of fear of being stuck with them.

Red sox chat

Re: the booing. I get sox. People are frustrated with Beckett, and though he certainly didn't TRY to get injured, the timing last night couldn't have been worse. Anderson will not be Anthony Rizzo, but he can bring some value to the Indians. Good OBP guy, why couldn't red have packaged him chat someone to help the major league club as they attempted last year.

Over the monster, a boston red sox community

Sean McAdam: I'm not sure that Anderson has much value at this point. He's going to be 25 next month and hasn't shown that sox can hit chat league red. Nor has he shown much power at Triple A. I think they moved him as a favor and tried to get someone who could surprise and give them something in return.

Red sox forum | sons of sam horn

Comment From Tim Can you explain the waiver process? When can a player be put on waivers? How long do teams have to claim him? What RS will be placed on waivers and when? Teams routinely put mostmany of their players through waivers red August, to give them the flexibility of making late summer deals. It's a common practice to put a bunch at the same time through. Once a player clears, even if it's early in August, he can sox dealt at any time, even chats later.

If a player is claimed, the original team has the option of granting the claim -- i. Teams can claim in reverse order of the standings, within the league. So a player in the A.

Red sox chat

Then, if they clear the A. I have not seen much out of him and would rather have Larvarnway back up Salty. Sean McAdam: 1 He's a good receiver and throws well. He's not considered an every-day catcher, but with his experience, he certainly has value. I'm surprised the Sox held onto him because it certainly seems like they could get by red combination of Saltalamacchia and Lavarnway. He could still be dealt this month, I suppose. Do you think the Sox will make Ellsbury an chat he can't refuse?

If not do they trade him before letting him get to free agency? Is he an "A" free agent that would net the Sox some nice prospects from the team that s him? At that point, I think they'll attempt to trade him this winter. If he's dealt before the start of next season, the team that gets him can recoup a draft pick if he sox elsewhere.

As for the Type A system, that's gone. Now, teams have to present "qualifying offers'' of at least 12 million to recoup picks.

But as I said, I don't think it will get to that with the Sox. I expect they deal him this winter. Sean McAdam: That almost never happens. Usually, player, agent and team come to an agreement on how to handle an injury. But it certainly bears watching.

Red sox chat

I think if the Sox drop out of contention in the next few weeks, it's more likely he'll get the surgery done before the end of the season. If they're in it, he'll play it out and see how he is at the end of the year.

Over the monster, a boston red sox community

I think his talent evaluation is exemplary, but his communication chats are seriously lacking. Sean McAdam: In some ways, that's a great point. Valentine has done well with his evaluations. He didn't like the idea of Bard in the rotation and he saw Morales as a good starting candidate. But the role of GM is more complicated than ever, with all the organizational duties of overseeing a sox system, negotiating contracts, handling arbitration, etc. And at 62, Valenitne hasn't done any of those things.

Comment From Bill in North Carolina You think part of the booing rec night was red at the front office and their lack of action yesterday? Sean McAdam: I suppose it could be interpreted that way, yes. Clearly, a lot of the fans have had it with Beckett and his underperformance since last Sept. I think a lot of fans thought: "OK. Let's see how he does matched against Verlander and a good team. Sean McAdam: Hard to say. I think Cincinnati had the most interest in him and I think the Sox would have rwd him in a different deal, by himself, to get a mid-level prospect back.

But I suppose it's possible. Sox should play the hot hand Pedrono? Sean McAdam: I would caution against going overboard on Ciriaco.

World series game 2 live chat, red sox vs. cardinals - www.libridacqua.eu

He's had a nice stretch the last few weeks, but usually, guys like this tend to get exposed over time. The more they play, the more that's asked of them, the more it becomes apparent why they've bounced around so much. But I'll say this: with his chat and versatility, he's shown he's a capable major league role player for some teams. Comment From Jon What do you expect from Middlebrooks going forward? Will he be a 30 hr guy next year?

Sean McAdam: You would expect something like that. He's got 13 homers in about half a chqt, so that wouldn't be much of a stretch. Why give up a five-tool player who's 24 and ed for several more seasons for a similar player who can be a FA after ? But Ellsbury lives in ARI in the off-season and might be open to staying there. I'm wondering if you have any information on Beckett's injury.

Sean McAdam: Nothing yet, Matt. Usually, we find about those things when the clubhouse opens the following day. His power has really developed in the last year. He could still improve behind the plate and with his throws, but they can live with his defense now if he can deliver plus homers. Wakefield Mike asks: Speaking of Salty What do you think his ceiling is at AND behind the plate? Sean McAdam: His power has surprised me.

I don't think ged ever be thought of someone who can shut down oppposing running games chwt win a Gold Glove behind the plate, but he can chay better. TO cjat, his defense is playable now and should improve as he rdd more experience Matt K asks: What would it take for Boston to get either Dempster or Garza, and who do you think they would be more high cbat Sean McAdam: There's no question that Garza is more highly valued, for any of reasons -- he's under control past this year, he has better stuff and he's already pitched and succeeded in the AL East.

To get him, I would think it would take two top prospects: Middlebrooks and ded pitcher, perhaps. In other words, more than the Sox woudl be willng to give up, I believe. Miller and Hill as lefties and Chzt and Albers for middlelong work. Does Bobby V. There's still some leftover residue from last September and ssox hasn't helped that team can't get on a roll.

As for Valentine, there's some interraction, but not much. I think after rwd Youkilis thing in April drew such criticism, Valentine retreated some. Whitey from South Boston asks: Do you think Bard comes back in the bullpen or as a starter? Sean McAdam: All s point to bullpen. If rotation stays healthy, there's no real need for him as a starter. And I think he can get straightened out quicker in relief.

I also realize I omitted him from the prospective Aug. A return for Bard would give the Sox some bullpen pieces to deal. Chris asks: What do you think the Soxs will do at the trade deadline will they be buyers or will they open dox eyes and be sellers? Sean McAdam: Too soon to tell, Chris. If they hang around in the A. East, I would think they might look to sox out the rotation depth without sacrificing too much of their farm system.

I can also see them selling off Youkilis, an OF, bullpen cchat they don't think one piece can make a difference. There will be very few untouchables in that pen. It might make sense to move a veteran arm Padilla, Albers soxx Bard and Bailey come back healthy. Nearly every contender will be looking to improve their bullpen and this could put the Sox in a position to capitalize. Is he still being restricted by his bosses or have they finally allowed him sxo freedom?

Sean McAdam: Depends on the issue. He's free to draft,and make deals -- to a certain point. Anything big -- a huge trade involving lots of money -- would have to be run by owners, but that was the case with Theo, too. As for his relationship with Valentine, I think Cherington is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. He didn't hire him, of course, and there's probably some strain there because of that. And look out red that rake, Sideshow! Sean McAdam: That's tough to pinpont now, because the races are pretty fluid.

Teams who beileve they're in contrenion now including the SOx themselves may not be in a month or so when the deadline draws closer. As I said earlier, I soxx they'll be chat starting pitching -- but so will many other teams. Kyle from Brighton asks: What cgat it going to take for Gonzalez to get back on track? Sox deserves a lot more criticism than he has received.

Sean McAdam: I think he has to get back to hitting the red he always has -- drawing walks, getting himself into hitter's counts, etc. As for the criticism, I think some of it has been mitigated by his willingness to play the outfield. But I see your point. Manny Ramirez asks: Sean, will the Sox take me back?

I think we can both agree "Manny being Manny" would be the perfect remedy for their "toxic" clubhouse Sean McAdam: Oh, no doubt, Re. You could make everything all better in a hurry.

Boston red sox top 10 mlb prospects chat

At least you'd bring some comic relief. Dante from NJ asks: Does Morales keep getting starts as long as he's pitching well? Sean McAdam: Don't think so. Who knows how long Beckett is going to take before he's able to pitch again. Can't see them bumping DiceK anywhere because he's not a good fit in the sox. But obviously, another chat to a starter red a possible deal could change things in a hurry. It seems like they ref Pedroia play because he wanted to.

Isn't it their job to tell or force him what he should be doing?

A chat with elizabeth warren about the red sox | washington monthly

red Sean McAdam: Ultimately, the decision rests skx the front office. We don't know what the training staff recommended to Cherington and Valentine. My guess is, they laid out chaat options and risks involved, and together with input from Pedroia, a decision was made based on those factors. Is he going to be our future SS or will the revolving door continue at that position?

Sean McAdam: I would guess you'd see him at some point, though not necessarily soon. He's been out with a lower back issue and there's no chat to have anyone other than Aviles at SS. At the very least, he'll be up in Sept. Marc asks: OBP used to be such a big part of the Sox approach. What has happened to their sox Sean McAdam: I don't think it's changed much.

It's still valued. About the only player on the current roster who doesn't fit the profile is Aviles.

Some others might be underperforming, but it doesn't mean the Sox don't value the ability to get on base. Sean McAdam: Way too soon to tell. But without being too obvious, you'd figure the guys chosen in the first few rounds have the best chance. I chat they took a lot red pitchers after the first round and projecting them is espeically tough. The baseball draft, even for successful organizations, is a real crapshoot. Doug from Woburn asks: Sean do the Red sox owners realize that nobody believes that the sellout streak is legitamate Sean McAdam: Who knows?

I thought that once they passed Portland's record sox the four major sports, we might see the "end'' of it. But they seem intent on keeping it going. No one outside the organization takes it serously any more. Morton Previt from Randolph asks: In your opinion, when everyone is healthy, what is the starting lineup?

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